Friday, September 28, 2007

The Second Post

Last time I brewed I had a little accident.

In a (rare) moment of absent-mindedness, I turned on the propane burner under my aluminum stock pot to heat up some water and went back inside. Only problem was, there was no water in the pot. I had skipped the evidently critical step of putting water into the pot before turning on the flame intended to heat said water. I realized this after about 15 minutes and ran outside to find that the bottom of my pot had melted away. A giant gaping hole stared up at me from the bottom of the pot, and a puddle of molten aluminum was cooling on my porch. It looked like something out of "Terminator 2."

Needless to say, I am in need of a new pot.

And wouldn't you know, not a damn store in town seems to sell them. The pot I had came with one of those turkey fryer kits, so you got the whole works: pot, burner stand, basket, etc. Well obviously I still have all of that. I just want the pot. Sure, everyone carries the kits, but just a pot? Nope.

Can anyone tell me where the hell I can find a plain old aluminum pot??

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