Friday, September 28, 2007

The First Post

This blog is not about my life. There will be no "dear online diary, today I decided to buy a different brand of laundry detergent" posts.

This is about beer. Yes, it will be about me, but only in the context of the beer that I brew and drink.

Francophones doubtless have figured this out already -- the title of this blog translates to "The Little Brewery," which is an apt description for the operation I run on my front porch. Also, the title is a play on my last name, which I won't reveal here because, you know, the Web is crawling with freaks and perverts.

Honestly, I don't know how much attention I'll pay to this site. I need another computer-related time waster like I need a hole in my head. And I fully recognize that no one will care to read my drivel. But if there's one thing the Internet has taught us, it's that you don't matter for crap unless you've got a Web page.

So sit back and crack open a cold one. I'd do the same except I'm still nursing a bit of a hangover. Oh, beer is a cruel mistress indeed.

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