Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Double IPAs in The New York Times

Every now and then The New York Times' chief wine (and sometimes beer) writer Eric Asimov will convene a tasting panel and do a feature on some unique beers. Most recently, Asimov turn his attention to Double IPAs.

Make sure also to check out the interactive audio feature.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Saloon

Ever heard of a bar that doesn't let you stand up? Or that uses its dearth of TVs as a selling point?

There exists such a place. It's called The Saloon, on U Street in Washington D.C. I had the pleasure of visiting this unique establishment a couple nights ago with my brother and our "better halves."

The tap and bottle selection is heavy on European imports, particularly Germans and Belgians. It's not a huge selection but a careful one. You don't find too many bars with Poperings Hommel Bier on offer. And no American Light Lagers. Gotta love that!

For all its rules, admonishments and disclaimers (and the menu and walls are liberally sprinkled with these), The Saloon may seem quirky, but the owner says it's for a purpose. Either way, it's worth a visit.

The Saloon on Beeradvocate.com
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