Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Singha Glass

In Asia, space is often at a real premium. Packing large populations into dense cities has impacted the sizes of cars, apartments ... and evidently beer glasses too.

At least, that's the case with this glass, made for the Boon Rawd Brewery's Singha Beer. This Thai brand is an all-malt lager, and taste-wise it doesn't stray too far from the paradigm of what we've come to understand from Asian beers.

Bood Rawd clearly opted for efficiency over excess in selecting this glass, considering it barely holds about 11.5 ounces filled right to the brim. That leaves you with scant room for head, as Singha is typically sold in 330-mL (11.16-ounce) bottles. Odd.

Shape-wise, the glass flares from a narrow, thick base and straightens near the top. The design isn't ideal for capturing head or aromas, and with its small size it's more suited as a sampler glass -- good for drawing a little shot of beer out of the tap when you don't need a big serving.

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