Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Even Web Designers Have Had Enough

Not long ago (that is to say, two posts down), I indulged myself with a brief* rant about the farce that is age "verification" on beer company Web sites.

Well it turns out this isn't the only way booze companies seem bent on making your browsing experience as painful as possible. This article by Louis Lazaris of Smashing Magazine highlights the many horrendous and vexing ways – including, yes, the "painful" ID screen – that alcohol producers have successfully cast notions of usability and pleasurable browsing by the wayside.

From failing to realize that "you can't drink a website" to treating every page like a Super Bowl commercial or Flash orgy, many of the world's major boozeries have tossed sensible Web design right out the window, Lazaris says. And the result, too often, is a poor experience for users and an undermining of whatever noble intentions the company may have set out with.

Big shocker though.When did sensibility ever get in these people's way before?

* Not actually brief.


Matt said...

I don't suppose you're specifically referring to the New Belgium website, which is, as you mentioned, a Flash orgy? As a Colorado native, I'm pretty loyal to the company, but their website is simply obnoxious.

Brad said...

I wasn't, but you're right. That particular statement was a rephrasing of Lazaris' sentiments, though I do agree with them for the most part.

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